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Cut 5 gloves may not be giving your people the protection they need

Hear from those who have paid the price

“We had to dismiss 12 employees and faced bankruptcy after a cut incident.” 

“After a cut injury, just tying shoelaces or holding a fork was difficult.” 

“Before my injury, I used to go bowling. Now I can’t pick up a bowling ball.” 

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Keeping up with legislation can be overwhelming

You may have missed improvements to the EN 388 standard in 2016, showing that gloves previously rated as cut level 5 may not offer the highest level of protection. 

If you haven’t reviewed your risk assessment recently, you could be non-compliant. 

Are you still specifying cut 5 level gloves, assuming that they are providing the protection your people need? 

What if they don’t? You could be putting people at risk.

Getting to grips with EN 388:2016 

Changes to EN 388

EN 388 assesses performance against:

Glove testing has changed to better reflect a glove’s resistance to cuts. 

A new test better simulates real-life cut situations.

The modified Coupe test means that any glove that blunts the blade during testing is marked with an ‘X’ and rated A - F using the new test.

What does this mean for me?

If you specify cut gloves, you need to review your risk assessment and ensure you’re referring to the 2016 standard.

Some gloves for sale are still labelled in line with the old standard.

Gloves previously rated as providing a high level of cut resistance may only provide medium or low level protection. 

If your gloves aren’t providing sufficient protection, your staff could be in danger. Your business may be at risk.

We can help

As Experts in Safety, Arco can help you get to grips with EN 388:2016, from risk assessment through to product specification and user trials.

Can you afford to put your team at risk?

We can help you ensure you have sufficient protection in place, now and in the future.

You need a health and safety partner who can help you understand the changes
to the cut protection glove standard, and how this affects your business.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you manage your
organisation’s risks of cut injury.

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We can arrange a site visit and carry out a survey to review the specific hazards in your workplace. We can help you identify the most appropriate level of protection for your people and be on hand to help you select from a range of gloves.


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